Friday, 15 July 2011

Just Not 'The One'

I have a friend who loves Zara.

And rightly so, they have a great relationship.

But Zara and I, well... it's a different story. Funny, there's just no real spark between us, and never has been. I tend to arrive at the store with someone else, just because it is en route to some place I'd rather be.

But today it was intrigue, or perhaps boredom, which led me through its doors. And for the first time, I spotted something I liked as soon as I stepped in. It was a rust-coloured dress in a cute 70s cut.

Think adorable spaghetti straps, pleated gathering at the bust and waist, and a preppy knee length skirt. Yes, yes, and yes - it looked promising.

So, off I went to try it out. Perhaps things between Zara and I were on the up, perhaps we'd found a common ground... I'd already started to think about which shoes to wear with my new purchase.

Well...I knew it was low cut at the front, but it just looked, and moreover felt odd... and those spaghetti straps were far too flimsy (it's not like I'm huge in the bust department so the reason for this I don't quite  know...). The nipped in waist felt good though, the fabric was delicate and feminine, and the skirt area was perfectly floaty.

But, 'it', whatever 'it' is, was just not there.

Perhaps I brought it on myself. The weight of my expectation meant this dress didn't stand a chance.

I had found myself struck by a case of 'it looked so good on the hanger...'

So back on the rails it went... some other girl will love it, and be loved by it in return.

I guess you can't force these things. If it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be...

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