Friday, 2 September 2011

My Visit to AA

American Apparel, that is. I have an addiction/extreme soft spot for AA clothing, and it's one which is not going to let up anytime soon.

I've fed my wardrobe copious amounts of AA over the past few years - jeans, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, leotards... But, it's all justified, it all gets worn, a lot.

My most recent visit resulted in me buying this pair of yellow skinny jeans. Yellow, yes, I surprised myself with that one too, but I think it works. As with most AA products there is an initial struggle, but once they're on,  and I am zipped and buttoned in, it's all worth it.

They have a high waist, and metal zippers at the ankles - a cute touch and totally necessary - there's no way I'd get them on without!  Though it has to be said, this effect doesn't reach it's full potential on a 5'2 me- I have to fold them up, but ho hum!

I want all the colours, and I want them now, but at 67 pounds a pop, patience is key.

Next on my list are some thicker high waisted pale blue jeans... and yes, they are exactly the same as the high waisted pale blue shorts I have, and yes, of course I 'need' them...

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