Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Congratulations to Me...from Me.

I passed my driving test last Tuesday.

First time.

But no, I'm not one of 'those' people. I passed after a long time, and many lessons...

Yes, 51 lessons, which took 2 hours each, on Saturday mornings, at 9:30, for the past year and a half. My instructor has the patience of a saint, and I have perseverance, turns out.

As for calculating how much I spent... well, why do it to myself?

Besides, it's time to celebrate, so let's forget that!

Not only do I have my Saturday mornings back (now I can say a big fat YES to invitations out on a Friday night), I can now DRIVE. Me. The one with little co-ordination and limited spatial awareness. It has already been quite a journey, let me tell you!

I've been day-dreaming about road trips. But in reality I'm just going to be looking for someone (a very trusting someone) to join me on my first trip round the block...

Anyway, my hard work paid off, and I believe in rewards. So I bought myself a little something to say, 'Hey, great job!'

And I got it just right, because I bought this:

I know, beautiful!

Yes, me and this Iris necklace have been hooking up online for a few months now, but as with many designer things it was a case of 'look but do not touch.' Thankfully, with a little help from the 60% sale at Alexander McQueen, this beauty was suddenly just within my reach- down from £285 to £114...I snapped it up without a moment's hesitation. And why not?

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